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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Nov 17, 2022

The RevRep Podcast sits down with comedian Brandon Young! Brandon talks about his Dry Bar Comedy special, what it's like being the executive producer of comedy festivals, and which trading card the Reverend should just go ahead and burn in a fire.

During controlled rowdiness there is a lot of confusion about vegetable, NWO vs WCW vs WWE talk, and a few very curious admissions.

Brandon Young is a Christian comedian based out of San Diego, California who's been able to use a wide variety of topics ranging from strange observations to growing up in a small town with his weird family and why he despises people who dip French fries into milkshakes, to reach a vast array of people. His intelligently crafted material is a hit with all types of audiences.

His Dry Bar Comedy special, Chicken Gone, was released in August 2021. He can also be heard on Pandora Radio and Spotify and seen on Comedy Time TV. Brandon's also been featured in festivals like the San Diego Comedy Festival, Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival, LaughFest, and Border City Comedy Festival. He’s even worked with comedy legends Kevin Pollak, Cathy Ladman, Jimmy Brogan, Eddie Brill, and Dana Carvey.

In May 2009, Brandon founded the Rock Comedy Ministry, arguably the first comedy ministry of its kind in the world, at the Rock Church in San Diego. Using a mixture of stand-up, sketch comedy, and improv, the Rock Comedy Ministry has been able to bring laughter to people who wouldn't otherwise receive it such as the homeless, elderly in convalescent homes, and cancer patients. Brandon specifically has performed for churches and other organizations and has been a part of fundraisers that have raised thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer's Association, global missionaries, victims of domestic violence, and victims of human trafficking among others.

Originally from a small town in Michigan called Oscoda, Brandon is middle-aged, middle-classed, married to a woman way out of his league, has no kids, and owns a dog. Basically, his life is that of every leading man in every sitcom from the 1960's. He brings his Midwest charm and likability to a world that truly needs it. (Credit:

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