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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Mar 9, 2023

The Reverend and the Reprobate sit down with the incredibly talented comedian Jeff Allen. Jeff talks to the  @RevRepPodcast  about his new book, the comedy writing group he hosts, and the crowd funded sitcom in the works right now.

The guys, with Jeff, talk about the dangers of raising chickens, how he isn't a Star War and why it is that he isn't entirely convinced things are as they seem.

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Rev and Rep (all the show links can be found below)

Jeff Allen’s rapid-fire humor, which centers on marriage and family, is a hit with all ages. A live comedy favorite, Jeff has appeared on Dry Bar Comedy, Netflix, Amazon, Huckabee, Pureflix, Showtime, Comedy Central, VH1 and more. He starred in the critically acclaimed film, Apostles of Comedy, the syndicated comedy series, Bananas, his own one-hour comedy special, Happy Wife, Happy Life, and the Warner Bros. comedy film, Thou Shalt Laugh. Jeff has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dry Bar Comedy, Pureflix, Huckabee, Warner Bros., Bananas, Apostles of Comedy, Thou Shalt Laugh, and numerous other networks and shows. Jeff has also been featured at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival and HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival. His Dry Bar Comedy videos have amassed over 300 million views on social media and other platforms, introducing him to tens of millions of new fans worldwide. At times both gut-wrenching and hilarious, Jeff’s 2.0 Tour offers a unique glimpse into his crazy world.

Besides performing at churches, corporate functions, fundraisers, theaters and casinos, Jeff regularly appears on television, radio, and podcasts nationwide. Jeff is the best at what he does – making people laugh as hard as humanly possible. His Happy Wife, Happy Life® message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people. Jeff’s comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.