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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Feb 25, 2021

Comedian David Graham talked to the Rev and Rep (Lucas and most importantly, Dan) on being a christian comedian, turning down Katt Williams and the aftermath, dunking on Dennis Rodman, and relying on his faith while facing death.

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Feb 23, 2021

The Reverend and the Reprobate talk with Brett and Erin Kunkle of Maven about the challenges of parenting, how surfing can help you teach apologetics, and why we all wish we could just go back to flip phones.

Feb 11, 2021

Comedian Lee Hardin joins the Reverend and Reprobate to discuss leaving Apple to start his journey into comedy, doing one of his first gig for prisoners on a farm, and they all discuss fast food and why Taco Bell screwed up big time by removing Danley's favorite item.

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Feb 4, 2021

This episode features Stephen Mansfield, NY Times best selling author, popular speaker, and speaker coach. In this one Stephen tells the The Reverend and Reprobate, Lucas Pinckard and Danley Gibson, about the Kurdish people, the largest people group {30-45 million people) without a home country. He tells the story of...