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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Apr 27, 2023

The Reverend and Reprobate sit down with Joseph Carter! With over 1 million subscribers  @JosephCartertheMinkMan  tells the  @RevRepPodcast  about his new extermination record, what life has been like as a YouTuber with 1 million subs, and how you can join his exclusive Mink Man Club!

In Controlled Rowdiness the guys get some dog training tips, throw out some awful ideas for the Mink Man to try and end founding out where Brandon Sanderson's inspiration may have come from. Joseph Carter aka "The Mink Man" is an all round animal lover!

Back in 2003 he tamed his first mink, and from there wanted to see what kind of useful things he could teach a mink. Eventually Joseph ended up doing various kinds of pest control with his trained mink. The Mink Man channel shows many of the various pest control jobs he does with his trained mink and dogs, as well as him showing various training methods he uses with his many animals.


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