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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Dec 22, 2022

This week the Reverend and the Reprobate sit down with WWE Superstar and MMA Champion Ron Waterman and his son, up and coming MMA contender, Austin Waterman. The  @RevRepPodcast  talks all things MMA, what it's like watching your son fight, and how you transition from oil worker to contending for a title belt!

Watch the Fight:

Ron Waterman traveled with WWE for as Brock Lesnar’s TagTeam partner for a year before returning to MMA, and beginning a 20 year position traveling the world with Team Impact ministry. The following 6 years Ron competed in Pride, Pancrase, and became the first Super Heavyweight Champion of WEC (twice) (World Extreme Cage fighting).

He did 5 tours with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and won the X1 Heavyweight title in Hawaii, and the Knuckles Inc. Heavyweight title in Colorado. Ron’s true passion now is not in the Cage or Squared Circle yet still in front of large crowds, not to compete, but to tell the world about Jesus Christ. What He did in Ron’s life and what He can do in yours.

Traveling with Team Impact, Faith Force and Power1 for 20 years is a blessing to Ron’s life as he has witnessed Hundreds of thousands who have walked forward and accepted Jesus into their hearts. Ron is enjoying doing Outreaches on his own now with his family and reaching the lost in this challenging world.

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