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The Reverend and the Reprobate

Feb 16, 2023

The Reverend and the Reprobate sit down with Table Top Role Playing Game designer, Andrew Lowen, to talk about his newest game, “Deliverance”. Andrew chats with the  @RevRepPodcast  about what it was like designing a TTRPG, how he got his wife on board with doing a kickstarter, and why he stopped professionally e-gaming.

In Controlled Rowdiness the guys get Andrew talking about his favorite Batman iteration, whether or not the DCU is going to be a dumpster fire, and how the public domain and copyright laws will change who gets to write superhero stories in the future.

Get your copy of Deliverance:

Since the victory on the Cross, you have hunted the Fallen Princes that lead the demonic hordes from the shadows. After centuries of tracking, you have found their base of operations – the unassuming town of Fallbrook.

A strange darkness sits heavy upon the town, and the quiet cry for deliverance is heard among the humans. You tighten your grip on your blade and come up with a plan, for the Father of Lies is cunning, and this town is too insignificant… what conspiracy lay hidden here?

Choose your hero and act as the Hand of God against the Forces of Darkness, controlled by the game itself. Blessed with stewardship over Heavenly relics and holy powers, unleash your God-given gifts to slay demonic foes, cast down the Darkness, and deliver the saints.

Send your adversaries to the abyss to await their final judgment day! Rev and Rep (all the show links can be found below)